We are looking for ambitious wineries seeking a partner to help them become the best version of themselves and create the most remarkable wineries worldwide.

We are looking for ambitious wineries, boutiques and distributors seeking a partner to help them become the best version of themselves.

At Plinius & Co., our consulting services are a catalyst for unlocking the remarkable success that awaits your winery, wine shop, or spirits brand. We believe that every entity in the wine and spirits industry has the potential to achieve greatness and leave an indelible mark.

With our strategic expertise and unwavering passion for the industry, we join hands with you on a transformative journey. Together, we explore uncharted territories, redefine possibilities, and unleash your true potential. Our purpose is to guide and empower you to chart a course that aligns with your unique vision and aspirations.

Our team not only brings a wealth of industry knowledge, but also a genuine commitment to your success. We understand that your journey is about more than just financial gains; it’s about creating extraordinary experiences, leaving a lasting legacy, and captivating the hearts of wine and spirits enthusiasts.

Together, let’s unlock the hidden potential within your winery, wine shop, or spirits brand. Embrace the possibilities, dare to dream, and embark on a remarkable transformation that will set you apart in this vibrant industry. The future is waiting, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Our services

Our brand development services include logo design, typography, brand design, and generating new products to increase presence in markets. We also offer services such as generating parallel companies to cover incompatible markets, review of existing products for elimination or reinvention, reflecting values in products such as recyclable bottles and eco-friendly winemaking, and defining generic and specific target audiences for each product. We also provide label packaging design for wine and spirits bottles and brand messaging development for different target markets, such as luxury or value-conscious consumers.

Our pricing strategies services include defining brand value by the consumer, generating product categories and prices, generating prices based on the market presence or target audience, product price evolution over time, and developing pricing strategies to increase sales.

Our communication planning and execution services include developing communication strategy for wine and spirits brands, communication planning and execution for social media platforms and email marketing campaigns, advertising and media planning for targeted consumer segments or trade publications, public relations and media relations for industry events or product launches, market research, and customer insights gathering to better understand consumer preferences and trends. We also offer developing a web platform and managing its positioning.

Our sales channel strategy development services include sales channel strategy development for wine and spirits brands, sales channel analysis and evaluation for retail, online, or direct-to-consumer sales, e-commerce and digital sales strategy development for online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms, and wine and spirits tourism.